Back to the Sydney Jones Library for the first time in a decade and of course the mind goes blank having not yet done a research reading list. I have complete runs – more or less – of SFS and Foundation, and most Extrapolations back to 1969, so the usual sources are covered at home. I spent two days going through F&SF, skimming the book and film reviews, gleaning comments about key works and the times.

One for the Must Be Kicking Themselves Award:

“Women who cry out that modern sf does not recognze their sex as anything but bicthes and/or love objects will have to shut up where this story is concerned, properly chastised by the fact that few (if any) female sf authors have ever given women the prominence or depthful characterization that Tiptree gives here with little fuss and seeming ease. … the intricate play should make someof the readers if the Lib movement curl up in shame when they see that a man recognizes their ambitions better than they do themselves.”

I haven’t necessarily been noting first and last pages of reviews, and some of the film reviews have titles so no doubt I will be back at some point.

Recently read:
Octavia Butler, Kindred
Angela Carter, Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault
Joe Haldeman, The Forever War
Kate Wilhelm, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

All good – and most of the way into The Passion of New Eve


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